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Help Please with Anodes wasting away too quickly at Hythe

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  • Anibal SD
    Before you call out a professional, I would check a few things first. There are a few factors that will have a detrimental effect on the anodes besides an electricity issue. Do you keep the boat plugged on shore power all the time?. Do you buy reputable brands or eBay ones? Are you buying the correct metal for the water you are in? If the answer to all that is No then I would quickly check any wires that are a bit loose and perhaps making contact with any metal part or place where there is some sort of humidity or water presence, like the bilge, assuming you have an inboard engine with a leg. If you have an outboard then try lifting the leg when the boat is not in use. Bearing in mind that when the anodes are out of the water they should be lightly sanded once in a while to reveal a fresh surface.
    Try fitting a galvanic isolator if not too much of an issue as they will also help prolong the life of the anodes.
    Hope this helps.

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  • Help Please with Anodes wasting away too quickly at Hythe

    Can anyone please recommend a good marine electrican who can deal with an anode problem on a 8m Motor boat with a stern drive based at Hythe? My feeling is that a specialist is needed.