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New primer for antifoul paint.

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  • New primer for antifoul paint.

    First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope 2022 is a much better year.

    I have been doing some research after it was discovered that my boat was not 34 years old as originally thought but 41. With that in mind I have been thinking to enhance the hull protection against osmosis. 2 years ago my insurer requested a full survey as a condition to renew the policy. This was because the age of the boat. She passed with flying colours although there were some humidity readings in the hull that were higher than expected, however, no sign of osmosis or delaminating were present at the time.

    When I anti-foul the boat in the winter, I sand the old anti-foul paint quite a bit and usually revealing the primer I applied in 2015 when I bought the boat as I was not aware of the previous anti-foul used. That primer I used then was International Primocon, therefore every year I touch that old primer with International Primocon and then I apply a self polishing International anti-foul. I have read about Hempel 2 parts epoxy primer and the sealing properties and osmosis prevention qualities and my question is whether I can sand the old antifoul until I reach the old coat of primer and then apply the Hempel epoxy primer followed by a Hempel antifoul “ or “ do I need to scrape the lot until I reveal the Gelcoat before applying the Hempel epoxy primer?

    I think the second option is the proper way of doing things, I just don’t fancy scratching the Gelcoat or damaging it with some aggressive pint stripper.

    Any suggestions are welcome.