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  • Glasses Overboard

    Hello all, we have lost at least 3 pairs of glasses off the back of the boat whilst tied up in the marina. We asked Dolphin diving to take a look for us but after 30 mins they couldn’t find anything. That was the evening when for some reason we had diesel everywhere and they did dive quite late in the evening and at high tide (not sure if it makes a difference when diving). Anyway they didn’t find anything and it’s still going to cost us £80. They have agreed to have another go but want to tie it in with other work in the marina so...if anyone out there needs a diver for any reason please let us know and perhaps we can coordinate a return visit from them.

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    Would help if you said which marina you are in.


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      I found a diver to inspect & clear my prop of debris but marina won’t allow it.... so I guess you’re better off than me!!