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Exchanging ideas, info, esp Diesel engines.

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  • Exchanging ideas, info, esp Diesel engines.

    Hi there, I am interested in exchanging ideas, experience or tips on Diesel engine maintenance. I replaced my old Volvo green md2b with a red Beta 28 which I’m pleased with. Had it 14 yrs now. I have replaced propshafts, drive train couplings cutless bearings rudder stocks morse cables etc. over the years and tube stack and filter maintenance and new mounts. I thought it would be useful if anyone does similar and perhaps have info ideas exchange. I’m at Wolverstone MDL which I find a very nice location.
    Maybe get some sailing this year. Fingers crossed.
    Robert Moffat.

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    Hi Robert, I am also at Woolverstone. We have a D2-55, and do most of the maintenance and upgrades. I had to get a new heat exchanger fitted last year as it developed a hole it it's side and started leaking fumes into the boat. Got Fox's to do that job.

    To avoid the main marine engine problems I have fitted a fresh water flushing system so there is no sea water ever left sitting in the system.
    Also fitted and exhaust temperature monitor, as a high temp here gives early warning something is wrong. I see a few others in Woolverstone have done this upgrade.

    This lockdown/winter project is a fuel header tank and polishing filter, water alarm etc.

    With these upgrades I think I have all the greatest point of failure covered.


    • Nick-Agriemach
      Nick-Agriemach commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Vince,
      I work for a company called Agriemach, we offer many marine products including Fuel polishing systems and many different filters and we also have a biocide which will treat Diesel bug.
      Please free free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like more info on anything that we might be able to help you with.


      Nick Burford - Agriemach