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    I was somewhat surprised to get a message today asking for opinions of the fishing charter boats operating out of Northey marina, the gist of which seemed to be a campaign to get them thrown out of the marina. I can’t say I’ve had many dealings with them, though the crew and skippers (Bex?) that I’ve spoken too seem good people. Since the CV19 lockdown ended they seem to have been working really hard and long hours and they must have lost a lot of business during that time. Admittedly one of the skippers did get quite abusive about yachties on Facebook when the lockdown ended and I suspect that it is his Wagnerian company that is the more problematic one.

    Yes they do start up early in the morning and some of their guests can be a little uncouth and park in the bertholders’ car park (but so do the café visitors in far larger numbers) and their language would probably not be acceptable at court, but this is hardly a reason to trash their business. Perhaps instead the marina could move their moorings towards the end of a pontoon so their engines don’t have to disturb good middle class sleep on their way out and the marina staff could actually come out from behind their desks to deal with the un-badged parking issues and the poor language when it happens. Lastly if it is indeed one of the two companies that is the problem get rid of that one not both.

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    presently the boats you mention are ignoring covid rules. my understanding is the Bex you mention was responsible for garnering support to have the other charters kicked out to become the only charter operating from northney. today the kelley hero boats are out fishing one boat with 4 people on and the other boat with 3 people on. all of this is against covid restrictions and no respect shown placing money before life. this is despite bex proclaiming on facebook she has been extremely ill past 2 days but doesn't want to let her customers down. the customers park where they want, are loud, often uncouth and i for one would be very pleased to see them go. its about mutual respect and kelleys hero and their customers show no respect


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      That certainly doesn't chime with my experience of the Kelly's Hero team. Some of the others have seemed a little less socially aware on occasion and one was quite objectionable about yachtsmen on Facebook last year, that can't have helped relations.


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        If they are breaching CoVid restrictions report them to the police. This will inevitably mean that MDL may get prosecuted for facilitating it, but maybe that will encourage everyone to comply.