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  • MDL Car Park Barriers

    Am I the only one or is anyone else sick to death of the barrier problems - i.e. "card unknown" - at Ocean Village Marina? Or does this same problem occur elsewhere?
    The Security people answer quickly when you press the Help button, but they blame the MDL cards. The MDL staff say it is a security/card/barrier system problem.
    Personally I don't care whose problem it is as long as someone fixes it so we can get to and from our berths without the hassle.

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    OV seems to be the only one with barriers, unless they've put them in to Shamrock recently. I guess it's a symptom of MDL going for the cheapest possible option and not taking maintenance into account, a bit like the pontoon gates which are broken more often than working. 5* marina is just a marketing term not an investment decision.


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      Amazed this morning to find the card reader actually works again. Just over 2 months of having to get security to let me in and out every time. Still heard nothing from MDL. Not good customer liaison/service, but at least it's working at last.