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We should all be concerned..

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  • We should all be concerned..

    MDL, we would hope has an interest in the Environment and in particular preventing litter and trash building up in its Marinas adding to the many hazards our boats face.
    " The 5 star Ocean village Marina' has several 'dead' corners where huge amounts of litter plastics wood and boat trash build up, its simply left there until tidal action washes it back into the River Itchen. Thus demonstrating care for the environment ...

    Southampton waterways are suffering! Please help us raise awareness on this issue by sharing this. We are currently holding the council to account, whilst cleaning the waterways ourselves, before it’s too late.

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    Thank you for this, we have a huge interest and are very active in our environmental activity. Going through your link now.


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      well it makes me to happy to know such people are still out there. thanks
      would its be cool to know how will i die ? i mean i could prevent it and everything